Author: xinyisteph


# Weekend princess ;

Everyone’s dream to be a princess and the most beautiful one of the day! Never thought I would be able to fit in all the dresses & it all looked freaking amazing except the mermaid kind 😛 Amazing 5th storey high cozy place! Thank you staff tingting @ Memoire & co! I’m glad i found something i like & slightly different from usual blink blink esp the day gown (:

Can’t wait for actual day to come ❤

Maybe i shld consider doing another happy business? am i right hahaha 我努力的做好自己, 希望老天能帮我 做到最好。

# what’s up

Had a fucking bad day fixing asshole & spoil the whole fucking day zzz! I just couldn’t understand why these ppl can be so sensitive towards me. I can only comfort myself on what kelvin had said & hope its true.

Okay i need more comfort food to keep my stress away.