# 2017 年

Ufm topic 2017 年 对我来说。 。。 是屎。 哈哈。发了简讯 给电台 感觉良好。坦荡面对很多不开心不愉快·的事情·。 2018 要考试吗? 要到六月才可以考试 感觉大半年已过。 烦恼有 Options, 也烦恼 没有 options。 可悲哈哈。



# Treat or Tricks

Happy Halloween! Coming to an end of October. I can’t wait for a better 2018 to come. 👆 Everyday we never fail to disturb each other. I think CBS had enough of CS shifting her around. See her 不耐烦 face.

Feeling quite tired after bodypump today. hopefully i can slp well tonight (Mind off work)


After reading the news, I’m really in a serious mode in planning whats next and how to prepare the in-coming storm. I don’t like prepare last minute as it concerns my rice bowl. Insurance business still doable but i doubt bbc can still continue doing. Basically, it’s like the whole village snatching a piece of pie. The pie is getting small and smaller. Staying put doesn’t help much. I like what I am doing but it is not enough.

Whats up for plan B?

#Hellos from Punngol!

Hellosss space! How are you (: lol your owner been good and busy! Today’s ride we passby waterway point wooo! Probably 10-15mins ride to here. Enjoying nice scenery & the cooling breeze tonight

Ride till the end of sumang link & on the way home, we saw this awesome giant swing. (Over at ig story haha) I will dropby often to visit this awesome swing haha.

Home sweet home to enjoy one of my favorite food – Curry maggie! Hopefully i will recover from my flu aft my dessert 😛

Be back soon!

# New house new view

My first post at my new house. Surprisingly its not as noisy as i thought, probably our neighbor’s renovation not start yet. Wriggle eyebrow! Dining area has a better view over the green coney island. It makes even better if i can have a tub of dark chocolate ice cream now 😛


I can’t imagine how a director downgraded himself from doing big things to doing insurance admin work. Fucking kelian sia! My god. I don’t see other dealership boss hands on insurance and beg customer to buy from them. Tsk tsk tsk.

来日方长 . Lets see if you can SEND your staff over when customer met an accident. Lets see how GOOD your service is at the point of time. Some more your stupid wife less off all her commission to get the deal back? ah So poor thing.

慢慢抱着你的保险死吧 哈哈哈哈! KTHXBYE ~