# Thankful 

Thanks all for the comfort, love and concern. Greatly appreciate cs, elena, siang and ren for checking on me and comforting every now and then and for almost everyday. 

Thankful to have your support and loving me for who i am, no matter how lousy i am, u often make me feel good and bring out the best in me. Thank you chang, love you. (stop changing my pokemon) 


# 乐逍遥 for e rest of my life ;

Soon to be 30 & i don’t feel happy at all in my career so i decided to be 乐逍遥 for the rest of my life. Spend whatever i have, make myself and my surrounding people happy. I am tired of facing bullshitz in my life, especially this person KK. If not him, i won’t landed up in such muddy situation today. I fucking hated him. 

What’s the point of working hard & kana betrayed and bastard end of the day? What’s the point of putting in effort when none appreciate and show results? 

Most importantly, i cannot take any more blow in betraying my trust. Enough is enough. 

# Words Vs Mind 

Had a good ML game to end the emo night. Thanks to love & Jx for Making my account grandmasters tonight weeee! 

Hating words & mind games. I am sick of this industry and the people. I guess i repeated many times. Hui was right, only if the witch is not in the picture everything 天下太平。My bottomline 是不可以冤枉我。

What should i do next? How should i protect myself in such situation? I’m like fighting in the wild and honestly i dunno who is real and who is fake. I choose not to trust anyone in the company. 

老天 how should i move this chess? 我好累

# Weekend ;

Weekend getting busier and busier. This conversation must blogged down lol. Brought my parents to Shabusai suntec for dinner and this conversation from me and cs was really hilarious! 

Me:….. i go and take soft serve ah (I went to take & return back to my seat then this aunty still talking aggressively to cs, i don wanna cut the conversation then i put down my soft serve & went to take ice water) 

Me: 刚才那个 aunty 你认识啊? 

Hubby: (In summary) 那个aunty要Kow我, 以为我刚刚做兵 可能要介绍 女兒给我认识。 The funniest part is the way he trying to explain hahaha! 

LAST WARNING! No skinhead again! If not next time people thought u my son! knn

Another joke thing is my pokemon account 

Me: 为什么你一直换我的人啊?!?! 为什么没有穿鞋??

Hubby: 土著嘛 土著没有穿鞋的。黑色跟你一样。

Really knn hahahaha tu zhu!! hahahah Gd9! 

# Taobao, Mobile legend

Sums up the whole Sunday. Today im repeating on how to keep your diamond and ring clean, it really works on any ring (: Thank you Meyson for the great guidance on how to maintain the brightness & cleanliness of a diamond. The dirt will usually get stuck at the edge of my heart shape. I tried to rinse it off using soap but its not going to shine. But note the following trick works

1st: Soak the diamond ring or normal ring in warm water. Do it overnight *U may want to add in some soap and rinse the next day or follow the steps here*

2nd: After Soaking the ring over night with just warm water. Get a baby brush to brush off the edges of the ring using a little of soap & rinse it off. 

3rd: Get a cloth and dry it OR u can use the hairdryer. It works the same way. Like this, Tadah! Shiny bo! 

No filter needed (: Goodnight! 

# June # 

Half year had past, down with eye infection & moody mind. Everyday i will ask myself to find a meaning of life but everyday i cant find 😥 haha The worse is even im back from holiday, the mind just couldnt stop thinking and even rejuvenate. I cant find the happiness in this industry anymore. Though its good im still have business to do but i hate the feeling of still being related in this industry. When can my 2nd dream become realistic? 

Koh lanta (Phuket) was a quiet and kampong town. Not as buzzing compared to the famous krabi etc. It was a great surprise arranged by love. 1st visit to the beach & also attending thai cooking class taught by Sous Chef. Never did i know that tom yum clear soup was that simple to make. Haha next time u will see me practicing tom yum gong all the time. The 贴心 staff prepared certificate of cooking & CD (all photos the staff took during the class) for us.  Though im not a “beach” kind of person but this place really resembles malaysia kampong & gives a sense of 熟悉感, so im pretty impressed by this place. 

We pop by the old town to have some snacks & the interesting drink – butterfly pea. Its pea nt pee ah hahaa the flower drink get in touch with lemon and will change color instantly. 

Why my husband so cute ah hahahah

The most amazing part was the resort room – with private pool, big bathroom and cozy bed. Last but not least, the most most most amazing part still the pass on of the ka zua lol. How the ka zua die? It die under my foot, barefoot bloodyhell Fuck. really fuck. haha how can the ka zua die below my leg???? until now i still cant forget the feeling. GG okay 

Thank you for the awesome trip. Thank you for giving me the best n the world that makes me feel so bad most of the time. 
Love you and good9