# 2 more days to handover

My superman and the brand new house

and now its almost done

好开心 to have my own sweet home sweet soon (:


# Good Sept

It had been a good September. Dear god, please let me close the 3 vehicles today. I had been good and live my life to the fullest. Most importantly, i had gotten over of whats gone & can’t be bothered by those customers that don’t appreciate our services (: I believe we will meet good and kind customers along the way. Sona had been doing good with the good support of customers and backend.

Things getting better, i can proceed with some self upgrading and moving on to a better and bigger planet (:

Good luck to me later!

# Hello September

Busy busy and very busy over 2nd half of the year. Very busy = very tired = very dunno what to do = very lost track = very indecisive = very blur = very demoralised.


Okay house reno, house, tables, sisters, weddings. Oh my tian.


Was watching channel U and this guy was really encouraging with his own story! 成功 就不可以偷懒, 用心去做就不可能做不到。Yup thats what im doing and stressing myself every day. As long as i worked hard and being responsible, people will know my effort and i know i will be up there one day.

山外有山 天外有天。I did the same ting like this guy, dare to dream. If you don’t dream, u will never act. If u don even dare to dream then you will forever remain as it is. Know your enemies know yourself one hundred battles one hundred victories.

[ All from the Channel U show]

No one can take away your experiences. 令人家负我 than 我负他人。

Credit: Mich – Cutie pie feifei (: