# Busy is gooood ;

Self comfort mode. Busy is good (is very good of cos) Thank god the nightmare period is gone. During this hardship makes me realise who are really true towards me & who really can go up and down with me. 患难见真情。Its really tough for me to pick myself up. But today, i am officially okay and moving on happily and is really good feeling (: Deep down, i really really 感激 those few that helped me brave through all my hardship with me (What i mean is not by saying mainly action) 真心谢谢. 

Hello hello bintan! Loving beach places, love the 海风 love the peace. In love with the blue sea and my awesome hubby company (: Kayaking was fun and some activities were not as expensive as i thought. Though it was short but every moment was great! We had our BBQ simple buffet over at Grand Lagoi hotel. Everything was good except ants! hahaha Anyway bintan, I WILL BE BACK HAHA. Ciaos! 


#1 more day~

Excited! 1 more day to my sweet hm sweet with cs & 2more days for getaway. 开心就好, 钱没有了可以赚回来, 快乐没有了, 永远找不回来。可惜马票没有中 不然 可以带小黑 去 TF 健身。他老了, 希望你能撑下去hahah

One of the nicely done rendering this time round (: 终于有我要的感觉了!goooood9! 

# Mid week

Mid week is here! 2 more days to see my sweet home sweet! can’t wait (: 

Like the quiet environment where i can stone and enjoying the wind. Esp the coffee will not turn sour aft leaving it for long. #alonestonetime

Enjoying these break before start to chiong for vehicle sales (& of cos on going ins sales) Probably after getting on board with new insurer, my planning draft will be out with C. Not sure if they buy the idea but nv try nv know.  

#Looking ahead ;

In order to look ahead, i need to remove the obstacles infront of me. I am tired of the past, tired of being strong, tired of being capable, tired of humans. I am sick of those friends that had claimed to be there for me but not. Deep down, i know who had been there. These was pretty tough for me to face. I am trying hard to pick myself up every now and then.
Heaven was kind enough to give me new path and life. Heaven send me a team of sales, renew coe deals, insurance deals, good partner & life time partner. I should be thankful instead of complaining and dwelling of the past.

Goodbye my past. I am erasing you now.