# Good Mondayy ;

It was a busy & good Monday rushing from West to East to close 2cases & have lunch with my kakis. Tru and fro back to toh guan to attend training till almost 9pm.

Don’t know why i wasn’t very happy with myself closing the deal back. I need to find the 快乐感。Planning to canvass out more next week. This week abit 散散, attend course and busy with own stuffs. Phew. 

我很累 要疯了。

# 5 months ; 

For the past 5 months, i really been hard and harsh on myself. I thought i am doing what i like but its no longer the same. I dunno what i am doing anymore. Many of them were thinking why am i getting affected by rubbish. I am very soft hearted and emotional. I can’t be a hater to someone once helped me in my life. I should remember the bad thing the person brought upon to me but i didnt. Countless time i faced shit, countless time i faced failure. I had enough of this industry and the fight. Where is the fighting spirit lxy? where is the motivation? what is supposed to be like? I dunno. Why am i doing this like all over again? i am not that talented like what H said. i am not good at loans, ins and selling. Just Pure luck only for selling. Who says im good at loans? suck thing is the paper work. I had never like paper work. Culture shock to know this is hw they handle loans and not to my liking at all. coming to think about that i choose this is because of sona yet is just moving turtle steps. what shld i do? what am i supposed to do? 

I don need anything for now probably a door. 

# Mondayy ;

Finally purchased the things that pend in the cart for days. Buy & think later hahaha. 没有花钱 那里会赚钱 的道理。 不是的, 是因为 我开心 所以 买多点。 

Stood at carpark for 2 mins looking at tom lol but he 都 不理我。hahaa Miss the days lepak-ing & mind free (Just like tom). This name was given by cs, machiam his cat lol  Ciaos! Off to bed & the war ahead!

# Fun Saturday ;

The 1st item to secure for my sweet home sweet (; Tadah! But this ☝ is Queen, we order the King size cos i wanna be a KING & we requested for storage below too whooo.  The super cozy bamboo made-bed from sleepy night – Posh mattress boutique. Start missing the bed liao ♡♡♡♡ Can’t wait to lie onto you again`

2nd item our Roman Clothing rack & 3rd Android TV box ( Like what a shiok to get things done up one by one ) The parking fee is very fun too over at expo haha. like tmd de expensive but no doubt la we park lk 5hrs, just wanna complain hahah. 

Thank you my home international & digital fair for all the free gift and stuffs! (:

Time for a good sleep gooood9!

# Thursday log ;

Fruitful thursday with salesman support & long pending flyers work done. I guess i had recovered and get over these people and the nonsense. Most imptly make the 巫婆 mad haha I know its bad to give people names but its even worse to bad mouth people (like her) 巫婆 巫婆 😛

Had sinful dinner with my parents and love. Jialak how to jianfei? haha. Work doubly hard at bodyattack tomorrow. woosh! TGIF! 

#stay happy & good things will goes to you `~

☝ this thingy here is another sinful lunch for 2 ; Cheers to celeb our new insurer on board & salesman great support! Curry fish head celebration haha. Ciaos!