#Hellos from Punngol!

Hellosss space! How are you (: lol your owner been good and busy! Today’s ride we passby waterway point wooo! Probably 10-15mins ride to here. Enjoying nice scenery & the cooling breeze tonight

Ride till the end of sumang link & on the way home, we saw this awesome giant swing. (Over at ig story haha) I will dropby often to visit this awesome swing haha.

Home sweet home to enjoy one of my favorite food – Curry maggie! Hopefully i will recover from my flu aft my dessert 😛

Be back soon!


# Weekend princess ;

Everyone’s dream to be a princess and the most beautiful one of the day! Never thought I would be able to fit in all the dresses & it all looked freaking amazing except the mermaid kind 😛 Amazing 5th storey high cozy place! Thank you staff tingting @ Memoire & co! I’m glad i found something i like & slightly different from usual blink blink esp the day gown (:

Can’t wait for actual day to come ❤

Maybe i shld consider doing another happy business? am i right hahaha 我努力的做好自己, 希望老天能帮我 做到最好。

# Fun Saturday ;

The 1st item to secure for my sweet home sweet (; Tadah! But this ☝ is Queen, we order the King size cos i wanna be a KING & we requested for storage below too whooo.  The super cozy bamboo made-bed from sleepy night – Posh mattress boutique. Start missing the bed liao ♡♡♡♡ Can’t wait to lie onto you again`

2nd item our Roman Clothing rack & 3rd Android TV box ( Like what a shiok to get things done up one by one ) The parking fee is very fun too over at expo haha. like tmd de expensive but no doubt la we park lk 5hrs, just wanna complain hahah. 

Thank you my home international & digital fair for all the free gift and stuffs! (:

Time for a good sleep gooood9!

# Thursday log ;

Fruitful thursday with salesman support & long pending flyers work done. I guess i had recovered and get over these people and the nonsense. Most imptly make the 巫婆 mad haha I know its bad to give people names but its even worse to bad mouth people (like her) 巫婆 巫婆 😛

Had sinful dinner with my parents and love. Jialak how to jianfei? haha. Work doubly hard at bodyattack tomorrow. woosh! TGIF! 

#stay happy & good things will goes to you `~

☝ this thingy here is another sinful lunch for 2 ; Cheers to celeb our new insurer on board & salesman great support! Curry fish head celebration haha. Ciaos!

# TGIS ; 

Whenever im having slight mood swing, I will play around with the Taro App & surprisingly this taro seems to be a little accurate. 

Strength / Knowledge

Art Science Museum & Pompompurin Cafe with 老妖 Fong 😉 The lights and interactions were so fascinating & amazing. Pretty amazed by the drawings that we colored and it will appear on the big screen. Mesmerising childhood moments where we can draw using crayons. Beautiful art background with soft music soothe one’s mind. 
Every year we never failed to celebrate each other birthday but as we aged we gets lazier & so our program is getting more and more simple hahaha. But hope its enjoying enough. Happy Bday in advance. Most importantly, 自己和家人身体健康, 工作顺利。

Our coloring will be featured on the 3D big screen after scanned.

Pompompurin Cafe – 来一次就够了。 Hahaha we both met enough siao lang (siao lang limt hit max) 

° Limited choices of food & drinks. 

° Ambience of the restaurant supersede the quality of the food.

# Genki Sushi & Company

Body aching & sometimes the joints too. But luckily, i have no fever & so its not Zika. Enjoyed the good company & food today. Saw 时尚玩家 host recommended the “automated sushi machine” in japan & its so amazing. But i didnt know that Genki sushi had that machine too till the day cs patroned the restaurant. 

The food will automatically served right to your face & thats pretty cool haha Forgotten to take Pic of the Cheese Udon & the fried potato croquette. Total bill around 40plus for 2. Decent serving 🙂 Will be back for the salmon again! Good9. Big heart to welcome weekend 

# Weekend is here!

It was a harsh week for me. Sales are bad & stress over planning the right direction and stuffs. It’s getting a little sickening. I hated the way (some) bo chup thing, 没有把我放在眼里(I was just sensitive & want to complain), messy stuffs & most importantly – No Morale.

Its not because i jiak ba liao then sales is bad. Just something not right! I need to baibai soon hahaa. 迷信 but bo bian.

Okay something happier now..

Meet My favourite Volkswagen Kombi! Very solid metal and cute! Not able to drive in singapore and vehicle even older than your mother hahah! Anyway i dunno whose the guy inside the car & i just simply ask him uncle 拍照, 来笑!


Hope this weekend i can come up with a good proposal on path and sales. Fighting! ^