# 5 months ; 

For the past 5 months, i really been hard and harsh on myself. I thought i am doing what i like but its no longer the same. I dunno what i am doing anymore. Many of them were thinking why am i getting affected by rubbish. I am very soft hearted and emotional. I can’t be a hater to someone once helped me in my life. I should remember the bad thing the person brought upon to me but i didnt. Countless time i faced shit, countless time i faced failure. I had enough of this industry and the fight. Where is the fighting spirit lxy? where is the motivation? what is supposed to be like? I dunno. Why am i doing this like all over again? i am not that talented like what H said. i am not good at loans, ins and selling. Just Pure luck only for selling. Who says im good at loans? suck thing is the paper work. I had never like paper work. Culture shock to know this is hw they handle loans and not to my liking at all. coming to think about that i choose this is because of sona yet is just moving turtle steps. what shld i do? what am i supposed to do? 

I don need anything for now probably a door. 


# 11th ;

冯每次说的; 花无百日红 之曲调 🙂


// Watching voice of china 4 now ; In my opinion, Beibei is really really good. The way she yell and sing makes me feel my throat can break anytime man hahaha! The voters are really blind. The beibei can sing soothing and rock songs unlike the zitong. This is really sickening. But anyway, the champion is neither of them haha. Just feel lk complaining.
Catch beibei – 回来 on the finale

// Happy birthday to you! Well wishes! May you give me more money and huge growth in the business always muahah.  Okay joke.

Good9 space!

# Rainboww ;

I love rainbow! First rainbow i saw in 2015 ; Good start? Not sure yet. Always comforting myself to be hopeful. I’m tired of earning penny. Hoping to have a holiday with no worries at all. I gets tired of picking up calls every few min, finger shouting how tired they are being a typer for more than 6hours, on the phone with each cust for at least min 3mins. But still better than facing admin’s nonsense and whatthesystem. Probably i’m happier this way. But cannot stand some stupid act.

# 30/12/2014 Good bye!

Guess this 2014 was a very very bad year for me & anyone out there 😦

Bad things happened one after another in this harsh world. Feeling pain on the recent disaster ; May 2015 be a good and healthy year for everyone! Best of health & Lucks!

My Journey for 2014;
* Passed my exams ;
* Holiday to Aus & repeated trip Tw ;
* Received limited edition cb ;
* My 1st incoming house ;
* Bring my Parents to BKK 4 holiday ;
* Tattoo-ed Eye liner ;

Can’t think much at this hour ; I’m thankful to the few of you here reading my space, giving me support, encouragement and care during my down times.

Life couldn’t get better without the presence of the following peers, thou I can’t named it all. But specially to Cs, Kaiyuan, Mich, shin, elena, alicia & luis ; I really appreciate the extra miles friendship with you all.

Deep down, I do appreciate many people out there but i just dunno where to start. Anyway, thank you guys!

Resolution 2015;
* Things/Work remained peaceful ;
* Earned More & Alot more $$$ ;
* Kick start a new biz direction ;
* Set up online shopping biz ;
* Pass Bodybalance ;
* A short getaway ;
* Bring my parents for a short getaway
* Find a New hobby with Cs ;
(Should be for now)
Good9 & Happy New Year!
Awesome year, fruitful start!

Love Steph

#Sundate 、Satdate ;

Well spent weekend!

JB with stampede and love;
Missing out the times hanging with love at JB (: Things are chip chip over there! If malaysia had given me good and damm good impression, i will love it even more. Hmmm. Oh ya! Time spent q-ing over at custom was a disaster! Brr, just hate the busy crowd!

Good food to heal bad waiting time! A Must to eat!! The awesome ba gu tae (oppo KSL), 鲍鱼面 & LUKLUK (;
Sundate with cousins! (:
Everything just worth it by putting a smile on their face (: They often be there for me when my family needs help and care! Thank god for having them & my beloved Cs ; (Hopefully) my tough time is over. I appreciate and love every single of them. I wish and really wish to have good year good times in 2015! Good9!

[Carebear shine]

#Thursday Blueee ;

I never been so freaking tired in my life before. Workload still manageable; There are times (many times) when we have alot of work to do and very little rest time & vice versa.

What im troubled now s managing trives when my focus is not there. TIME TIME TIME! Not enough time ; Din manage to close the first deal with E insurer, making me a little panic freak now. Am doing marketing every night but still feel its not enough. 救命阿阿!

Leaving office slightly earlier today. Tx to kk for allowing me to leave early & also because im done with my work! haha. Have to get my dry hair done!

I’m seriously depriving from sleep.
Let me sleep 14hrs okay boh?
Love Steph
Founder of Trives ;